Using Mywe to improve business productivity (as PDF)

The Challenge facing today’s organization

A formidable challenge facing executives and managers globally is to make the teams’ work easier, faster and more competitively. Organizations today need to work efficiently in order to remain competitive.

Executives focus on getting more benefit per employee revenue, per employee profit and better overall organizational productivity. Managers are always on the lookout for new, more efficient solutions and methods to bring their teams up to a higher level of business productivity and quality.

Marketing research

Computers and software were introduced in our lives and businesses to take away many common time-consuming tasks and offer a higher level of business productivity and quality. And so it did. However as time passed by, there exist still many time-consuming and repetitive tasks, that are not treated sufficiently or even at all. As computers and software became increasingly popular these time-consuming tasks kept increasing and gradually became an essential part of how business is done.

Our marketing research with more than 1000 users suggests that the average employee spends daily about 20% – 35% of his time in repetitive common tasks, whether it be common typing, typing frequently used text, finding for files, navigating folders, searching in internet, formatting documents, word processing, starting applications or other routine tasks. In some job disciplines (support or call center), an employee even spends about 60% of his time doing repetitive tasks. The situation was made even worse. Our research suggests that onlya small percent of employee will look for better ways to face such problems and the most will continue to perform the tasks as they are used to doing.

It is time for executives and managers to take a closeand concerned look at the problems and search for new, more efficient solutions and methods to solve these problems. Organizations can achieve and sustain greater levels of productivity by helping employees reduce and simplify these time-consuming tasks.

Presenting Solution to improve competitiveness

Empowering employees with smart software support tools is gaining crucial significance. These software tools need to help them realize easier and productive ways to work. Mywe is changing the rules for how business is done and helps change the organizational behavior at large.  We have learnt from experience ranging from small to large organizations in multinational organizations that employees find unique and innovative ways to perform their tasks using our software tool Mywe. We believe that organizations deploying our software are making a major step towards profitability and ensuring considerable advantages. The strategic value and economic benefits Mywe provides, far outweighs immediate financial costs.

By using Mywe, employees can simplify many of their daily tasks, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Eliminating such time-consuming tasks also leads to increased job satisfaction.

Case study

Below is a case study of a team of 10 people in a small size company.

After using our products for 1 month, we compared time usage of their daily tasks. The average time has been reduced by more than 50% of the time previously needed for performing the common tasks. This means reduced time for common tasks, and more time to run the core business.

Task Time spent before (hours) Time spent after (hours) Time saved after
Common typing and typing frequently used text 2.00 1.00 50%
Finding and navigating folders or files 0.30 0.15 50%
Searching in internet 0.25 0.1 60%
Word processing 0.20 0.1 50%
Starting applications and opening shortcuts 0.15 0.05 66%

Value Proposition

Mywe as a powerful and user-friendly productivity tool helps employees work smarter and save a lot of time. The price of our software enables organizations to get higher cost-effectiveness and a maximized return on investment (ROI). The strategic value of changing organizational behavior at large far outweighs the immediate benefits and supports employees to improve service productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Mywe helps employees increase efficiencies and improve work quality not only with its superior typing and editing capabilities but also with more extended features and functions for the advanced users. Extended features are windows manager, other helpful tools or programming by plug-in for custom features.

Main Features

  • Typing assistant detects all the keystrokes pressed in any application and analyzes text input to predict what user wants to type next. User can use many methods like word/phrase autocompletion, phonetic input, fingertext and hotstring to type text.
  • Text expander allows user to insert any pre-defined templates to any document, emails or web pages.
  • File manager allows user to launch programs, find files and open websites very fast. User can launch any resource from integrated menu. Resource can be easily inserted by drop and drop.
  • Desktop manager provides useful tools to arrange and manage windows in order to assist users in organizing their windows.
  • Mywe provides several tools to support user at work.