Desktop manager

Sometimes user has more windows than he can deal with at once. Desktop manager provides useful tools to arrange and manage windows in order to assist users in organizing their windows.

The main access point for the desktop manager is the desktop manager menu top navigation.

mywe desktop manager



Autohide (Window hide)

  • Desktop manager autohide facility allows user to autohide one window in one of the three directions. When autohiding is activated, a pixel is displayed at the edge of the screen. When hovering over mouse on the pixel at the edge of the autohidden window, the window is brought to the foreground. When the mouse is moved away from that window, it hides again.
  • By using autohide facility windows can be better organized and arranged. Autohide facility can be useful when a window need to be temporarily activated.

desktop manager autohide

Live window

  • Desktop manager live window facility replaces any window through a smaller transparent thumbnail window, which is always in the foreground and the update of the original window remains visible.
  • The size of the live window can be changed by keyboard shortcuts or rolling the mouse scroll wheel.

desktop manager livewindow


  • Desktop manager lightbox emphasizes the active window and the rest of the window is dimmed out. The lightbox function helps users to focus on their work.

desktop manager lightbox


  • Desktop manager transparency facility allows user to change opacity for any particular window with mouse wheel, keys or transparency slider.
  • Transparency facility can be useful if user wants to see underlying windows. It changes active window opacity and allows user to see what’s going on in underlying windows.

desktop manager transparency


  • One window can be set as the topmost window easily and quickly.

desktop manager z-index


  • The size and position of windows can be quickly adjusted with the mouse wheel or mouse while pressing the Windows key.
  • The functions “make current window transparent when holding key” or “minimize current window when holding key” can be useful when a window below it needs to be brought temporarily to the foreground.

desktop manager utility

Desktop manager menu

Desktop manager menu