Clipboard manager

Sometimes users feel the need for an improved Clipboard, because storage for only one piece of text at a time is just not enough.

Mywe Clipboard manager is capable of giving users fast access to clipboard history.

  • The native Windows clipboard can only hold one entry at a time. Mywe clipboard manager enhances Windows clipboard by giving users instant access to the history of windows clipboard contents. Clipboard manager provides quick access to the last 20 clipboard entries.
  • User can restore and insert previous contents copied to the clipboard by using clipboard history menu or pressing key combination.
  • Clipboard history can be reset via clipboard menu or keyboard shortcut. The clipboard history is saved when closing Mywe and loaded when initializing Mywe.
  • The recent clipboard entries can be inserted either with or without text formatting on demand via the clipboard menu.
  • Clipboard manager supports copying and pasting in incremental mode. After enabling the incremental mode the copied contents can be pasted in the order when copying. The incremental mode is deactivated automatically when the last clipboard entry has been loaded and pasted.




clipboard history

Clipboard history (Incremental mode)

clipboard history incremental mode

Clipboard manager

Clipboard history clipboard manager