Virtual desktop

  • Virtual desktop facility allows desktop to become larger than the actual screen by switching desktops.
  • With Mywe virtual desktop there exist exactly two workspaces. A window can be moved between the two workspaces or can be showed in both workspaces.
  • These two workspaces are used to separate collections of windows based on their purposes. For example, one workspace can be used for work related applications and another workspace can be used for private purpose. With this functionality the running applications can be easily organized.
  • Switching between the two workspaces can be invoked either by keyboard shortcut or mouse shortcut.



  • Virtual desktop facility is very easy to use.
  • The number of workspaces is limited to 2 based on the best practices, so that switching between the two workspaces becomes simple and intuitive.
  • A window can be made ​​visible in one workspace or in both workspaces.
  • Workspace facility supports multi-monitor.