Text expander

Mywe Text expander as a powerful and user-friendly productivity tool helps user work smarter and type less.

Mywe Text expander saves countless keystrokes by replacing abbreviation with commonly used text or content. When you type one of user-defined abbreviation, Mywe Text expander removes the abbreviation and replaces it with a longer text without requiring you to type the entire text.

Text expansion is a great way to save time when you find yourself typing the same text repeatedly. Signatures, addresses and commonly used texts can be quickly and easily expanded from user-defined abbreviations in Mywe Text expander.

Unlike software-specific text replacement features, Mywe Text expander works in any application user is typing in.

Fingertext provides tab triggered text editing and supports multiple hotspots definitions in templates. Hotspots are triggered by tab and user can keep the default value by pressing tab key or replace the default value with a new value.
Fingertext is particularly helpful when entering variable text, such as the name in the form.

In addtion to text expansion, Mywe Text editing supports extended text editing capability in any application. Available editing operations can be divided into 9 categories: string, line, column, edit, alignment, selection, caret, utility and statistics. User can delete the current line by using keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + D” or highlight the current line by using “Ctrl + L”.


Create template and insert template

Mywe Text expander screenshotSave text as template

Save template

Insert template

FingertextInsert template

Text editing

Text editing menu



  • Text expander allows user to automate regularly typed texts and contents by expanding template name into template contents when typing.
  • A template is always associated with a category and a name. Frequently used templates can be saved in a customizable structure.
  • A template can be used to insert a commonly typed piece of text, like email address, a sentence or any savable contents. For example, a┬átemplate with name “mysign” can be defined for signature.

Text expander insert template

  • A text expander template can be saved in one of the 4 available formats. The 4 formats are “text format”, “rich text format”, “Microsoft Word format” and “binary format”. Formatting texts, images, tables or other content elements can be saved in other formats except “text format”.
  • A text expander template can be created either by creating a new template or saving the existing content as a template via template expander menu or by drag and drop.

Text expander drag and drop

  • Text expander┬ácan manage an unlimited number of templates.
  • There exist two editors in Mywe to administrate text expander templates, they are standard editor and structure editor.

Text expander structure editor