Resource module

(data integration and data access)

Access resources easier

File shortcuts, folder shortcuts, program shortcuts and links can be integrated within the resources menu via configurations. By integrating resources from different sources, user can access the resources easier and work more efficiently.

File system auto-completion

File system auto-completion allows user to search for files, folders on local NTFS drives by name and deliver the results within just seconds.

Clipboard extension

Mywe enhances Windows clipboard by giving users instant access to the latest clipboard contents. The last 20 clipboard entries can be accessed via clipboard menu.

Explorer extension

Mywe enhanced Windows explorer to include additional functions like encryption and preview depending on the selected files or folders.

Navigate folder as menu

A folder can be displayed as menu for fast navigation.

Website extension

Resource module allows customizing of the favorite websites. User can administrate favorite websites as needed with Mywe editor. Website auto-completion provides a intelligent way to browse websites in any application by predefined queries.

Website preview

Website preview allows users to preview a link in one preview window and filter out uninteresting pages in advance based on the preview.


Folder und Shortcut
File system auto-completion
Clipboard Extension
Explorer Extension